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The card system is fully automated.

1.Once you have signed up and paid for the service (currently $35 per year ) to be added to your profile a link will automatically appear next to your listing.

2.To take a payment ask your customer to go to your villa as listed on the site.

3.They will then complete a form similar to our enquiry form,they will then be directed to the payment form which will already be filled in for them except for them to complete the amount,what the payment is for and the Currency

4.You will then automatically receive an e.mail telling you that the customer has paid an amount to your account.

5. It is your responsibility To ensure the details are correct particularly The amount and the Currency

6. Assuming you have decided they are correct you just click the ''approved'' link, if details are not correct or you are not aware of the booking press ''denied''

7. This operation then tells us to process the payment we will process the payment within 24 Hours. Both you and the customer will be informed as to whether the payment was ''approved'' or ''denied''.

8. It is your responsibility to inform the customer very clearly that payments will show on their statements to either
COACH HOUSE LEISURE Ltd. for Sterling payments or to LAST MINUTE VILLAS for Dollar payments. Failure to do this could lead to charge backs in future which the owner will be responsible for.

9.Payment will be remitted to your listing address 7 business days after payment has been processed, payments will be in the currency that was on the original proposal and will be minus the charges we make for the service.