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Please print and either e.mail a signed copy of these terms and conditions to us as confirmation that you agree to the following terms and conditions.

E.mail to  Your application will not be ratified until we receive this confirmation.


Terms and Conditions

1. This is a service to our members which is designed to enable Last Minute and Orlando Villa Owners to accept payments for bookings or for booking deposits.

 2.We will remit the funds to you in the relevant currency following confirmation that there is no cancellation i.e. after 7 Business days. This payment will have the commission deducted from the total amount.

 3. Owners will be responsible for cancelled payments, these will be deducted from customers accounts or made directly to us from our secure page.

4. In the extremely rare case of a charge back we will of course defend it but the onus and liability will be on the owner to prove that the chargeback is not legitimate.

5. The owner assumes full responsibility for informing their customers that payments made via our system will show on their statements as a payment to COACH HOUSE LEISURE Ltd.(For Sterling Payments) or Last Minute Villas (For Dollar Payments)

 6. Payments queried or cancelled by your customers will result in charges for us (Currently $30) which we will pass on to the appropriate owner.

7. We accept no responsibility for payment amounts or currency type being incorrect once payment has been offered via the system THE OWNER is sent full details of the transaction prior to our receiving the details.If THE OWNER ''APPROVES'' the transaction it will be processed by us in its entirety within 24 Hours.

8.Owners are not allowed under U.S. law to charge an additional fee for card processing.

9. Owners can charge a fee to U.K. customers provided that the transaction is in sterling and both parties reside in the U.K.

10.We reserve the right to alter charges for the service which at present are 3.50% for all transactions there is a minimum charge of £5($10)per transaction on all card payment types.

Note we no longer accept American Express or Discover cards

 11.Disputes will be settled in English Courts for Sterling transactions and Florida Courts for United States transactions.

12.We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy.

We may collect personally identifiable information when you complete the payment page
however we do not store any personal information on our servers.We do
however automatically record your I.P. address as a security measure but
this is never shared with any other party.

13.Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software
available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.

14.Refunds for Villa Bookings will be made direct to the card you paid with on
the strict understanding that the villa owner agrees.

15.No refunds are given for Advertising.

Please sign, print and return this page to us as confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions which we reserve the right to alter.


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