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Help when planning your Florida vacation in Orlando,Kissimmee or the Gulf Coast

Visit the wonderful place that is Florida,you will be amazed by the attractions of Orlando,the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast and the weather.Tourists to Florida are led to believe that villas are not an option ,that a travel agent is the only option,this is one route,THE EXPENSIVE ROUTE,Orlando villas,Disney homes and private vacation villa rentals on the Gulf Coast are the best option,We have been told of people paying over £1000 to go to Florida for a week and that does not include a rental car. It is not difficult to "do your own thing" book your flight to Orlando,Sandford,Miami or Tampa to start your vacation, Find a villa in the area you would like to stay in,people think Orlando is where the villas are situated,this is not the case,the majority of vacation rental villas are in Kissimmee situated on the 192 or the 27, certain areas of Kissimme are nearer to Disney than others but when you have hired a rental car the distance to Disney and the attractions is not really important as the roads are very wide and very straight.Once you have a rental vehicle organised then you need medical insurance,this has to be THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD and basically that is all there is to it. Compare the cost of the Orlando hotel packages offered by the large airlines and tour operators to a villa holiday in Orlando or the Gulf Coast, First you have to realise that you are giving the agent or company profits on all aspects of your Florida vacation,the flight,the villa or hotel,the rental car and the insurance Second the hotel or villa you will be staying in might not be named,in other words you might be getting what ever is left particularly if it is at Christmas or Easter which is the busy time in Florida Next your rental car do you really want to join the rest of the Florida vacationers that flew in with you on the same charter flight and queue to get the keys? ORGANISE YOUR OWN FLORIDA VILLA VACATION Any of our Orlando,Kissimmee or Gulf Coast villa owners would be happy to advise you and help with flights,car rental and of course your luxury villa THE TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGES OF DOING IT YOURSELF The vacation rental villa that you choose will be direct from the villa owner,you will know which area,street and home that you will be occupying so no Last Minute change of address. You will pay the villa owner direct,no commission to us Last Minute Villas or to any Florida travel agent. The villas all stipulate the amount of people they are licensed to accommodate this is a Florida statutory requirement. So if you rent a 5 bedroom villa for £600 per week that sleeps 10 to 12 people you will be paying only £60 per person per week Add maybe £40 per week for food and hey you have vacation accommodation in a luxury villa for only £100 per week per person. A rental car from Orlando airport will cost around £450 per week including the best insurance possible for a 12 seater that is less than £40 per person per week. Your standard flight even in the very high Season would be around £600 per adult (less for children) So a grand total for an adult to visit Orlando for two weeks in the very high season would be approxiametly £880 Can the travel agents beat that?We Think NOT YOUR FLORIDA VACATION DOES NOT NEED TO COST THOUSANDS Remember also when you think its too much trouble to do it yourself,most of the villas that travel agents and airlines use are villas advertised on here and booked through Orlando management agents at reduced costs therefore giving the agent the profit. WHAT NEXT? Simple,decide whether you want to be on the Gulf Coast,in Orlando,Kissimmee or near to Disney then choose a villa from the ones advertised on here,contact the private villa owner and ask for help they will be very pleased to offer advice.