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By Eunice

Posted on October 15th, 2006

I use this facility when I am out at the mall or in the parks and still want to be contactable. Our villa mickey in windsor hills offers free calls to anywhere in the world but what happens when we are out and about ? We do not wanted to return to London only to be faced with the cost of roaming from our London mobile service provider ? The travel SIM card enables holidaymakers abroad & International business travellers to make calls when overseas very cheaply & to receive calls for FREE in 60+ countries.... If you are one of the many thousands that travel abroad regularly on business or pleasure, or even if you simply enjoy a break overseas once or twice a year to recharge those batteries, you'll know that keeping in touch with your office, family, friends and colleagues can often be extremely expensive and really inconvenient. Calls to & from your UK mobiles whilst abroad can really hit your pocket hard!! *Now, with a Simply Travel SIM card you can stay in touch wherever you are & save a fortune!! * Your *Simply Travel SIM *card enables you to receive incoming calls for free & allows you to make calls back home from as low as 11p a minute. You can purchase a Travel SIM well before the trip & have plenty of time to advise everyone of your new International mobile number ... You can slash the costs of your outgoing & incoming calls by more than 75% Never run out of mobile call-credit when overseas No longer will you need to purchase local phone-cards in a foreign destination or frantically try to purchase extra credit..... Click here for Our Executive Villa where all phone calls made are FREE FREE
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