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By Florida Tuscan Villa

Posted on January 29th, 2007

It is often the case when going on holiday that the resort in which the holidaymaker is accommodated is full of tourist clichés and tacky décor. Thankfully, there is still a place that keeps traditional values alive and avoids the pretentiousness of themed resorts. That place is Tuscan Hills. Tuscan Hills is a development near Kissimmee that combines the timeless style and atmosphere of classic Floridian homes with the ease and sophistication of modern American living. This gated community has a large number of rental properties and would suit anyone that likes a relaxed pace of life, but with many facilities on-site, there’s everything for the more active person as well. Not only that but each property is slightly different, both inside and out, so there isn’t the generic sameness that hotels supply their guests with. From the clubhouse that welcome you as you drive in to the palm tree-lined roads surrounding the properties, everything about Tuscan Hills is above expectations; right down to the brick-paved driveways connecting each villa to the road as they are unarguably more visually pleasing than the poured concrete versions that are often seen in communities of lesser quality. Both the compact townhouses and the spacious villas offer the highest levels of comfort and convenience in a setting that’s as peaceful, or as energetic, as you make it; and with a private pool at the rear of each villa, you don’t have to go far to relax. Should you wish to explore the area you’ll find smooth paths lined with attractive greenery and well-kept lawns leading you round the entire development easily. The beautiful clubhouse is the centrepiece of the resort, both visually and engagingly, with a fabulous turn-of-the-century style fountain in front of it and high-speed internet access and tennis courts amongst the many things it offers. Not only that but all the major attractions that draw so many people to Orlando, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World etc, are within a few minutes drive of Tuscan Hills due to its excellent location. This same location means that from Orlando Sanford airport it’s around an hours drive to the resort with no remote or hard to find roads; just freeway all the way. From Orlando International airport it is a mere 20 minutes away. It is impossible to do a place as impressive as Tuscan Hills any sort of justice with mere words, as the only way to truly appreciate this new and special resort is to make a visit and see for yourself. Our Tuscan Hills Villa
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