How to get ahead at the Theme Parks!!

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By Tessa Roff

Posted on August 24th, 2005

How to get ahead at the Theme Parks!!

10 tips to make sure you are first in those long lines on busy days;

1. Make sure you purchase the tickets in advance, so you can go straight to the turnstiles and avoid long queues to exchange vouchers or buy tickets at the gate, (which almost always works out more expensive).

2. Get there early – at least 30mins before official opening time, as the parks may open earlier than the published times on busy days.

3. Do your homework and have a plan on what you really want to see and do before you arrive. If you have time you can always go on the other rides later.

4. As soon as the gates open head straight for the furthest point of the park, and don’t get side-tracked by the areas you pass through to get there, (as most people do).

5. Go straight on the most popular rides, and purchase fast-passes if available for the next most popular ride. Use the fast-pass system if the park offers this service, (where you book a slot to come back to the ride and walk straight on at your allotted time). The fast-passes are usually fully booked by late morning, and you can hold a fast-pass for one ride at a time.

6. Avoid eating between the hours of 12pm-2pm, as the restaurants are very crowded and the rides are not so busy, so use this time to do the rides. Have a big breakfast before you leave and you can have a late lunch when the restaurants are not so crowded and everyone else is back on the rides.

7. Try to leave the shows until the afternoon, as you will really need a break from the afternoon heat.

8. Try to buy any souvenirs etc. during the day as the shops are the most crowded at the end of the day when everyone is leaving. Most theme parks shops will keep the items you buy for you to pick up at the gate when you leave.

9. Stay until the park closes if possible as the crowds do thin out just after tea-time when the children start flagging and need to get to bed. If you have young children, try to leave the park for a couple of hours in the afternoon for them to have a nap and come back later when they have livened up again, (don’t forget to get a stamp or pass at the gate to allow you back in).

10. Finally, drink lots of water, (not fizzy drinks as they dehydrate the body), and enjoy it! Remember you don’t have to do it all in one day – it’s much less stressful for all of you, if you take your time, let the children play if they want to, and go with the flow. You can always come back again next year and do the rides you missed! Have fun!


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