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By Dawn Axon

Posted on August 25th, 2005

“Legend has it that a furious storm once roared across the sea, hurling surfboards into trees, blowing small boats through roofs & impaling a shrimp boat on a peak of a great volcanic mountain. Left in the typhoon’s wake are twisting tides, roaring rapids, wonderful waterways & relaxing rivers”

This is the way that Disney portrays Typhoon Lagoon, but we decided to find out for ourselves! As usual with Disney parks the car park is well organised and in this case parking is included in the admission price. Rate for the day this year was $35 for an adult ticket, which may seem a lot but is very comparable with other Florida water parks.

Everything you could need is available at the park, even all terrain wheelchairs at the entrance (ring ahead to organise if this is essential). Towels, lockers & life vests are available for rent. Our next job was to find some sun loungers. We didn’t find this too difficult considering we didn’t arrive until around 11.30am as we went to the far end of the park straight away. Then we could hold them back no longer, the kids were off!!

There are a variety of ‘must do’s’ at Typhoon Lagoon, among them:
Humunga Kowabunga – a 200ft enclosed water slide, not for the feint hearted! Mayday Falls – great fun riding down the mountain in a giant inner tube for four and when all the activity gets too much Castaway Creek – climb into an inner tube & relax floating around the beautiful park! The newest attraction is the ‘Crush’n’Gusher’ a fast & furious water slide which you go down in rubber rings for two or three. Twisting and turning, sometimes in the dark, sometimes uphill, eventually you arrive in the splash pool at the bottom. Great fun!

But I think everyone’s favourite was the Wave Pool – a huge heated sea with terrific waves every ten minutes! Its up to you how far you go in; the farther in the higher the waves! At the edge it feels like the most luxurious of beaches with the waves lapping at your toes, but go right in & you’re hit by the most exhilarating 6 feet whoppers!

Lunch was typical Disney quick fare – very tasty but not too cheap but it was all we could do to get the kids to stop for a bite to eat & to replace the sun cream (very important with all that water about!)

For those who like not quite so much activity, the surroundings are, as always with Disney parks, beautifully constructed & well kept. There are lovely walks through the park & shady areas to be had for a quick snooze.

As we were there in August, it was the stormy season & as predicted the lightning arrived in the afternoon. The attractions were shut for safety reasons while we kept under cover. Eventually it became clear that the park was not going to re-open for a while so we reluctantly decided to leave. Calling in at guest services on our way out, we enquired about the possibility of a ‘rain check’ & were delighted when this was granted without a problem. This is basically when complimentary tickets are given to guests when the park is closed before they have had 3 hours of enjoying the facilities.
All in all, a great day out and we returned to the villa for a well deserved rest! And we have tickets to use again which never expire – so guess where we will be going again next year!!

Copyright © 2005-2021 by Dawn Axon.
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