What do I get when I advertise my vacation home?

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By Last Minute Villas

Posted on January 2nd, 2008

Advertising your vacation home on our site is a decision that shows you intend to take charge of the marketing of your home. Our site offers features that no other vacation home directory offers, and tools to help you promote your home like no other site can.

First and foremost, when you purchase an annual listing, your home is placed in an easy to navigate directory where anyone (including search engines) can come to find you according to the area and subdivision of Florida your home is located in. This directory is search engine friendly, meaning that your vacation home will start showing up in third-party search engines as they index our site.

The site is easy to search too, with fine-tuning option such as keyword searching, accommodation restrictions and date restrictions. This means that any customer who knows what they are looking for will find exactly what they are looking for.

Which brings us to some of our really amazing features. Getting your home onto our site is easy.

Fill out a simple form which is a preliminary sign up form, as soon as we approve the listing you will be sent an invitation code that will enable you to complete the full application form and tell the whole world what makes your home the perfect vacation! You can add up to eight photos to your home. You can also manage your responses to enquiries in a highly professional manner with a standard template that automatically contains links and contact information.

But how do you make visitors want your home in particular? Simple! We offer facilities for you to promote your vacation home in the most professional and sophisticated manner on the Net.

Our site allows all members to publish articles regarding vacation homes, travel and more. You can publish as many articles as you want to talk about the great facilities of your home not to mention all the neat attractions just around the corner.

You can easily add photos and graphics to all your articles (up to eight per article). And all the articles can be found via directory browsing and keyword searching, just like vacation homes your articles will also become portals through which new customers will come because they are great content for search engines like Google and Yahoo.

We even give you an easy-to-manage questbook built right into the site. With the guestbook, you can share the accolades your guests and clients make!

Additionally, for a small annual fee, we also offer credit processing for your bookings. You can take credit card payments from customers through our site making it easier for you to collect your down-payments from guests who live far away.

All of this in one simple site. See our Fees or just Sign Up Now!

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