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By Cindy

Posted on February 4th, 2009

Universal's Aquatica


On our last visit to our villa in Florida, Orlando, we (my husband and I, my two teenage sons along with their girlfriends) visited the new Universal Water Part – Aquatica and had a great day!


The park is large and is situated on International Drive next to Seaworld.  The entrance was very colourful with parrots and other animals and offered all the usual facilities such as lockers etc. 


There were two large lagoon type pools with waves and beaches, one was gentle waves and one had huge waves and was great fun.  There were two winding rivers, one was like a lazy river and the other was a faster river with rapids and turns and waterfalls, our favourite.  There were lots of different tube rides and flumes for single or double riders and racing slides which were great fun.  The most unusual tube ride was the dolphin plunge these were two 250 foot tubes which took you through the dolphin pool, at this part of the ride the tube was clear so you could get a glance at the dolphins as you dropped through the tube.  These dolphins were commerson’s dolphins, black and white in colour, so looked like very small killer whales. 


There was one particular raft ride which we all enjoyed, this shoot’s you down an enclosed flume and drops you into a bowl which you go round and round in until you are dropped out of the middle, great fun!


The part of the park which we all liked were the big beach areas, these had shades and sun beds and were spread all around the park, it looked very tropical and well kept.  The food was also very good and there was a large variety on offer.  My husband and I had a picnic hamper which we took back to our sun beds, you went to a buffet style outlet and picked what you liked to eat and drink, we had sandwiches and salads, but there was a good choice of food, filled your hamper and it was not too expensive.  Two of my teenagers also did this and they had pizza and chicken which they said was good.  My other two teenagers had the eat all day option, they had to pay one price and was given a wrist band and they went to a choice of two buffet style restaurants and got what they wanted, when they wanted, they had hotdogs, bbq chicken and salads, a good choice for hungry teenagers!  You could also purchase a one meal ticket at these restaurants.


There was a huge children’s interactive water play area, with slides, water canons, climbing nets and buckets which when filled then tipped over.  As we had teenagers with us we only walked through this area, but it was always busy and looked great fun for the older children.   


The weather was wonderful, the time went really quickly as we were all so busy trying all the rides on offer but must say that we had a great day and would definitely go again.


The Ruck’s

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