Christmas 2008/2009

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By Marie Bowen

Posted on February 5th, 2009

Christmas 2008/2009


“Wow” for the second year running we were able to go to visit our villa in Florida for Christmas, been the parent of five children ageing from 11 to 18years old we knew that Florida would cater for all, we were lucky to be able to arrive a week before Christmas and stay for a week after Christmas giving the children in total a three week vacation.


It was fabulous to be able to put up a Christmas tree and decorations to get the real feel of Christmas without the UK wind rain and bad weather.


We visited Old Town which is a must for any time of the year on Thursday and Saturday to see the car and motor bike display. but what we really thought was nice was that because Old Town was decorated up so nice with a very large Christmas tree in the centre of the town, excited the children,  that much that they wanted to spend more time in the town walking in and out of the shops and eating and drinking  rather than the “fun-spot” fair.


We also thought it would be nice to have a look at what was going on at Celebration, early evening on New Years Eve. It was fantastic with the hourly snow fall the live music which allowed the children to dance in the snow in the street, there was also face painting, bouncy castle, horse and cart ride, the water fountain and food stalls for the children, for the adults there were plenty of drink stalls which allowed you to buy a glass of wine and wonder around Celebration in a fantastic atmosphere. There were plenty of restaurants open where you were able to sit in and order meals. Overall we thought it was excellent.

we also a little walk in and out of the back streets to look at the Florida homes decorated up, we took some lovely photos and all pointed out which house we would love to buy, mine of course would have to be one with a large porch and two identical rocking chairs, so we could just watch the world go by……

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