Honeymoon Island State Park

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By Janet

Posted on September 27th, 2009

If you want a taste of real Florida then Honeymoon Island is an absolute must!  It has to be the most beautiful beach I have ever been to, it is picture perfect and like one of those beaches you might find in a calendar or on a postcard.  There are even swinging benches along the shoreline - you can’t beat that!

Honeymoon Island is located along the Gulf of Mexico so the water is warm and clear, there is a gentle breeze to keep you cool and the waves are soft.  It is a clean and friendly beach, and if like me you love collecting seashells, then this is the place for you as the Gulf currents deposit an incredible variety of shells on the shore.

As Honeymoon Island is a State Park, there is an abundance of natural beauty and flourishing wildlife to admire.  There are mangrove swamps and several nature trails, one of which is specifically sectioned for osprey sightings - my brother was lucky enough to see one within minutes of entering this trail, it was perched high up on a tree top eating!

The park is open from 8 am until sundown everyday and if you can, stay and watch the sunset, it’s worth it!  I have never seen anything quite like it before it was so magical, it was as if the sky was on fire, and then as soon as the sun disappeared it left behind an array of soft candyfloss clouds - it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Top Tip:

Once you arrive, head to the car park farthest from the entrance, this part of the beach is a lot less populated and more secluded - don’t get distracted by all the fuss around the main car park, drive as far away as you can, the further the better!  Plus this is where the swinging benches are!


1. Take the I4 West to Tampa (57.8miles)

2. Merge onto I-275s (4.7miles)

3. Take Exit 39 - merge onto FL60w (1.8miles) towards Clearwater

4. Continue on FL-589n (signs for Veterans Exit Way/ FL-589) (0.8miles)

5. Exit 2B on left to merge onto Independence Park Way (0.9miles)

6. Slight left at FL-580 / w Hillsborough Avenue (5.5miles) continue to follow FL-580

7. Continue straight onto FL-580 / FL-584 / Tampa Road.  Continue to follow FL-584 / Tampa Road (2.3miles)

8. Slight left at Curlew Road / FL-586 (2.6miles)

9. Slight right to stay on Curlew Road / FL-586 (2.8miles)

10. Continue on Causeway Boulevard

Curlew Road is very long, keep driving straight and it eventually becomes Causeway Boulevard, soon after you will drive over a short bridge to the Island and you are there! Enjoy! :)

Written by Leila Bibizadeh
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