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By Suzanne and Andy Evans

Posted on November 13th, 2009


We have been coming to Orlando for years and this is the first time we have visited this park because we thought it was too far away. It is between 1.5 and 2 hrs drive from Terra Verde and the directions are so easy using the main Florida Turnpike and I 75 North to get there so not so bad after all.

On arrival at the park we found the car park very empty and had no problem parking right near the entrance gate. The park ticket price was $32 (including tax).

On entering the park we were aware of the fact that this park had been around for a long time, and although it was very clean and tidy, it had an old fashioned feel about it similar to something from the holiday resort featured in Dirty Dancing the film. The staff seemed to be all OAP’s and looked like they had worked there for over 30 yrs.

It was Halloween time when we visited and there were pumpkins and ghosts all over the place, plus adverts for the Fright Night which was coming at the weekend. The items for Halloween were not up to the standard of the Universal Fright Night, but looked fun for younger children and there were a few interactive games plus free face painting. There were a few rides there of the old fair ground type, which were nearly empty, but great for kids. We didn’t actually go on any of the rides as we were child free and more interested in the wildlife and scenery of the park.

The best thing for us about the whole park, was the natural scenery and wildlife. We did 3 different boat rides on their famous, glass- bottomed boats. Each ride gave you a picture of the beautiful natural spring lakes from a different angle. The first one talked about what was beneath the water which was the clearest I had ever seen. We were told about the films which were set here such as the old Tarzen ones in the 50’s. There have also been some recent films made here where they took advantage of the very clear water for filming. The second boat ride showed you the wildlife around the springs including the famous resus monkeys , and the third talked about the history of the area, including reconstructions of the buildings the original settlers lived in, and their relationships with the Seminole Indians.

The whole atmosphere was so relaxed with no crowds or lines. There was also a small zoo like area where you could go for a jeep ride, but watch out it is very bumpy. We saw animals that we had never seen before in this park. In the end we spent about 3.5 hours at the park and saw most of it.

I would recommend it to anyone looking to get away from the wild rides and crowds of the Orlando parks who has an interest in wild life.

Sue Evans
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