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By Last Minute Villas

Posted on December 8th, 2009

These are comments made by owners regading a posting on a forum .

The world is full of assholes Stewart, take it in your stride mate and keep
up the good work! I would recommend the site to anyone, you do a good and
fairly thankless task mate, don't let them grind you down........


Many thanks for the update. There are simply too many a**holes in this world. I am very happy with the website and get many bookings from you all. Keep up the good work.

Don't blame you for ranting Stewart. I'm not surprised you're annoyed at the people on the forums - I can only think they like the sound of their own voice and feel the need to mouth off regularly. Your site is still one of he best and you always try to sort things like this out as quickly as possible. Just ignore them or boot them off!!

Regards, Gill


Good rant! Sometimes people do not do anything to help themselves. I am sure there are lots of homeowners who thought that bookings would magically appear on their doorstep - most did not do their homework or believed the hype.

Last minute consistently provides more general enquiries than any other site that I advertise on - I would love more specific ones - but it is up to me to convert the general ones -not you. Forums can be really useful if people need to know things or who to contact but they seem to be a place to go to knock everyone - we have had some similar happening on our own owners forum - when we should be pulling together and working through the recession.

Keep up the good work - if the ones who are damaging the rental market get out then so much the better- they can take their badly maintained homes and rock bottom rates with them!


Hello Stewart,
Thank you for resolving the problem. I do have enquiries coming through
again, I just thought it was a lack of enquiries anyway because of the
market, but glad you have it sorted now. I will keep plugging away and your
sites have helped me enormously with my bookings, and I am not one of those
stupid owners giving it away for peanuts either.

I am the guilty party of one your complaints and I do apologise if my query was insensitive. As a Gulf Owner enquiries are not in such abundance as those for Orlando villa owners so when enquiries do not come through for a couple of days or so it is not unusual hence I was unaware than General Enquiries had hit a problem.

My renewal is due mid-November and I have every intention of renewing - have only suceeded in turning one enquiry into a booking but hey that's life.

Again please accept my apologies - I certainly don't need five minutes of fame.


Hello Stewart,
Cheers for that, don't worry about your rant we all need to do it on occasions, as for the disparaging remarks, some people are always more forthright on paper/the net than they would be face to face.

Keep up the good work guys!!

Joan and Rod.

Well said. we are glad of last Minute villas as most of our bookings over the past year have come though last minute .
Thank you
David and Charlotte

Hi Stewart


It's great to find someone who says it as it is.

You are quite right in everything you say about the general state of things
(on both sides of the pond) people are not in any rush to book holidays and
some of those who are trying to screw homeowners into the ground on price.
Like them we all have our overheads to pay for and no amount of Disney Magic
will do that for us. However, saying that, there are many owners out there
whose property is 'not new' are highly reluctant to spend money upgrading
their home to an acceptable standard yet still expect to get top dollar
rental rates!!! All I can say to those people is 'Give your head a shake'
would you pay top dollar for a sub-standard villa - I bet not!!

With regard to the owners who find it necessary to post on forums about
things which do not have anything to do with them yet has the potential to
do tremendous harm both to the reputation and financial well being of others
just beggars belief but sadly they do exist - our HOA has such owners
amongst their numbers. To be quite honest if I were in your position neither
of these persons would be advertising on my site today.

Keep up the good work - it really is appreciated by the vast majority of
your clients.



Dear Stewart,

I just wanted to reply personally and say how wonderful your service is as
you seem to be getting an unfairly hard time from people who obviously
expect to rent their villas just by registering on your site and not getting
off their back sides and doing anything. My villa on you site is
http://www.lastminutevillas.net/villa/1216/lakeside-luxury.html I have been
with your site for the last few years and we get 90% of our bookings through
your site. We are in the fortunate position that our villa is booked for the
rest of 2009 and pretty solidly until next July. We have however spent a lot
of money on our villa to upgrade it and keep it in top condition which
caused us financial hardship in 2006 but we are now reaping the benefits at
the worst of times. We had professional photographs taken of the villa last
year for around $100, he was a local realtor, and these have increased
bookings. We do give discounts for long stays as this reduces our costs and
we have had to flex sometimes but we don't give our rentals away. We have
loads of great testimonials which we send to prospective rentors and we have
regular rentors who have been going for years we can put new ones in touch
with. We also keep a database of our previous guests and send out e-flyers
once or twice a year in the form of a newsletter to them to encourage
re-booking. I do all this as well as run three other businesses and look
after a family. We have also just changed our property management company
because we wanted a much better service.

This is our second home so as long as we can cover our costs and put some
money in the pot for repairs etc.. that is our main goal. Please don't let
them get to you and depress you.. I am in recruitment so you can imagine how
tough that is in the UK!! It will be a long haul out of this recession my
prediction is real change will only start to be seen in early 2011 until
then we all have to work that much harder is we want to stay ahead and the
ones who cannot and blame other people like you should just sell up and get

Kind regards,


Hi Stewart
Thanks for emailing everyone to keep us updated, folk are folk and Forums
have a good and a bad side. Shame people don't think before they print.

Hi Stewart,

Reading your email has always been a pleasure, whether the news is good or bad. It is comforting to know at least it is always truth.

As a subscriber for over 4 years I have always been happy with the service of LastMinuteVillas.



Hi Stewart,

Great response. I always appreciate honest opinion rather than fake made up stories.

Thanks again


Hi Stewart,

Thank you for working so hard on all of our behalf to keep the Last Minute Villas website giving all of us villa owners supplied with plenty of enquiries.

I know you mostly only get the negative feedback from when things go wrong, I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you on all the good things that you do.

Despite the downturn in the economy, I am pleased to say that our bookings for this year in our rental villa will again reach the 80% occupancy rate. That's not to say that it hasn't been without a lot of hard work and answering lots of enquiries daily. However, I've not had to slash prices or do anything silly, simply offer a good product at the right price which people appreciate.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Kind regards,


Hi Stewart, for what it is worth, (probably not very much), but we have
always found that you have great integrity, well beyond many others
professing to be "The very best at what they do"..

If you take a look at our bookings you will see we
have a healthy calendar...it's not because we are cheap, it's due to a
number of factors.We respond efficiently to our enquirers, we have
referrals/recommendations from others, and we continue to maintained our
investment to the highest possible standards..

I made it my business to look at some "competition" whilst I was in town a
few weeks ago and sent some enquiries out...some didn't bother to respond,
some had in my humble opinion very poor websites, some were simply far too
expensive, yet had almost empty calendars and some properties looked to be
in poor condition on the outside...Point I am making is, owners must work
hard to get bookings from enquiries...they don't just happen on there own!

Hope all is well with Gail, you and Monty.

Kind regards


HI Stewart,
Just hd to e-mail you a short note from a golden oldie .
Well put, as always LMV has my support even in these unsettled times. we went trough this after 9/11 and with patience and perseverance we came through that and no doubt we Will again.
I think if looking back at the posts seems to be those owners who have only been owners less than 4 or 5 years so in my mind have nor experienced the down time which does occur.

Hi Stewart
Just wanted to drop you a quick line - to say I view =======
regularly and when I saw the post, I actually thought to myself, I'm
confident it's being looked at. Unfortunately, there are some 'posters'
on == who do just like to moan or be a bit controversial.
As an FYI, I did receive general enquiries and have done for the last
however many months - and yes they are down - as are all the sites I
subscribe to/

You're doing a sterling job - keep it up.

So sorry Stewart that you have been having a bad time. Not that I know any
details as we seem to spend most of our time looking after our family from
young to old and like many others trying to keep our heads above water.This
leaves very little time if any, to be aware of things that are none of our
business or interest.We hope like you to ride out this storm and with your
sites help are not doing too badly - you do a fantastic job and long may it

Keep going !



Just a vote of confidence from Lizzie & me. We still get plenty of
enquiries from your site, (most of our bookings in fact). We maintain our
villa to a high standard and advertise it as such and the testimonials we
receive would not be possible without the bookings we get from your site.
There will always be those who want to complain, (normally because they
aren't putting in any effort themselves), but for us you remain THE Number 1
site for villa bookings!

Best wishes,


Thank you for your note. I have always been pleased with the level of enquiries you have generated and whilst I would like to secure more bookings that is down to price and clearly not your problem!

Keep up the good work


Hi Stewart,

Well said !

I wished I'd emailed you before as I thought requests were really down but
there's so much going on over here and my bookings are really good that
nothing registered that there might be a problem.
Shame people get so involved in forums, perhaps they should focus their time
with their own lives and homes rather than upsetting other people.

Kind regards

Hi Stewart,

Chin up - keep smiling - a good product you offer in Last Minute and good a very good service - bugger the moaners.

Hi Stewart

Thanks for your email.

I think both you and Shawn are doing a good job. I am also on Rentalo and
in fact your site gets more enquiries than they do and I have to pay double
the money.

Things are tight everywhere so hopefully the opening of the new Harry Potter
Theme Park will help us all with more visitors coming to Florida.

Keep up the good work

Kind regards

Stuart / Shawn
Thanks for te update, very helful advice to genuine and reasonable people, but society as it is, many seem to need to blame someone even when its their own fault.

Let me state, I am totally on your side. The straight talking is whats needed to some of these people but their that thick they still wont get it..

Your joint efforts are second to none and regardless of the recession, the technical problems or the verbal crap posted on some of these forums, your site has given me more bookings than any other I am linked to.

Keep up the good work. Two loyal supportes of last minute villas

Hi Stewart and Shawn

You don`t have to make excuses to us, you are a top team, and you do a fantastic job.

What I must say though are our bookings for next year are fantastic at the moment, we have just over 6 months booked, so what does that tell you, so we are more than happy, and what owners must realise is that customers are getting very picky, during this difficult time, and they are leaving bookings to the Last Minute, even more than ever.

Keep the good work up chaps, you are the "A TEAM"


Hi Stewart
Thanks for this.

If it is any consolation as far as I am concerned without LMV or OVO we would have sunk without trace ages ago. What gets me in all this is that although times are tough there are still people out there letting for next to nothing (£350 per week for a 4 bed inc pool heating!!) and I wonder even if they had no loan at all how they still get enough booking to pay management fees, sales and property taxes without funding a large amount form their own savings. We have had to fund the shortfall to an extent for the last few years and I think next year is going to be the toughest yet before it gets better.

Keep up the good work it is appreciated...that reminds me I need to renew for next year!!

Thanks for your email Stewart, as far as we are concerned enquiries have
reduced but not just from your site, this has been on all the sites. In fact
yours is still better than most. Perhaps we should put a posting saying this
on the forum concerned!!
Kind regards


I for one, and I am sure the vast majority of villa owners will agree, that
I am fortunate to be included on your site. Without it, my original idea of
4 years ago would have disintegrated a long time ago. I am eternally
grateful for the professional way LMV business is conducted. These are very
challenging times, but occasional business still comes along. I cannot
understand the mentality of some owners who think it will just happen and
when it doesn't, seek the nearest 'fall-guy'.

You have my 100% support. I have earned thousands of dollars from rentals
through your site, and only a small fraction of that through other sites.
When problems arise they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
May it long continue as your customer care is excellent and above reproach.



Many thanks for an honest and forthright update.
Yes enquiries are down, yes Florida is very quiet, yes bookings are
down, but none of it is your fault.
Your site and service has been excellent over the several years I have
been with you.
Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated by those who care.

Best wishes,

Dear Stewart
I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I too can't
understand people complaining about you. I gave up on most forums about 5
years ago as they'd got so bitchy, I only stick with orlandovillas and tend
to only go on it when I have to! Of all the sites I have advertised on over
the years yours has always been in my personal top three.
Let's all hope the situation soon recovers. Personally, I've been hit in
being unemployed for four months but don't want to sell the house when I
don't want to. The fact I have got 6 weeks sold to returning guests next
year proves that the only way to keep going is, as you say, not scrimping on
keeping the villa nice.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the update. I do not normally email but I for one, am grateful to
you and your site.
Without you I would not have a villa ALMOST paid for by rentals. This is the
first year that we have
had to subsidise it. I appreciate your hard work, support and honesty.

I would suggest you terminate the owners that moan behind your back.

Bad day today - headache and 6 kids. First one came at 7 and last 1 leaves
at 6.15. We all work hard........

Keep your chin up and do not listen to these owners who do not work hard at
their rentals and then like to blame other people
Many Thanks for all your hard work

Hi Stewart
Thankyou for your hard work You can only do so much the rest is up to the owners
You will always get people blaming the site it is never them or the way they look after their homes I only get the occassional booking from your site but that is not your fault some sites work better for some & not for others
I agree if people want to complain they should contact you & not be bitchy on the forum

Hello Stewart,

We totally understand your problem and cannot believe that people are so
short sighted in their views. It is quite understandable that requests for
bookings are going to fluctuate during different seasons and due to other
outside factors, especially a recession. We find that we get many very good
enquiries from your website which do turn into sound bookings during the
year and keep our Villa booked up for most of the year. Without this
facillity we would really be struggling to get any reservations except by
word of mouth to family and friends.

We think you and Shawn do a great job in keeping us informed and sorting out
any problems as soon as you can in order to keep the site operational.

Thanks for everything.


Thanks for the email / information. Your notes are always of interest.

You know what they say about a rotten apple etc. I wouldn't worry about your complainer as I'm sure the rest of your clients are probably happy with the service. Unless they've been living under a rock for 2 years then they will know there is a recession out there and things are generally quiet, not just your site.

Keep up the good work

Hi Stewart,

Can I just say I think you do a fantastic job in running the site and
producing the volume of enquiries that you do. I rely on your sites totally
for my bookings. I'm on a couple of others and just don't get the volume I
do from you. I'm totally addicted to dealing with enquiries and have been
told I have the laptop permanently attached to my knees!!! I can't
understand owners who go onto forums and dish the dirt. Maybe you should
consider not offering them a renewal of their listing when the time

I take a huge amount of pride in my villa and have a great MC who work in
partnership with us to ensure it is kept in tip top condition. I would be
so embarrassed and upset if guests didn't think it was the best villa they
had ever stayed in!

Thanks for all your hard work. Without your sites my Florida venture would
not be successful.

Best regards,

Hi Stewart
excellent letter as always,these people on various forums talk a load of twaddle most of the time anyway.
Let them not renew,I am sure that you will have a huge waiting list for places on one of the top sites for villa advertising.
Don't let them get you down, you still have many owners who appreciate all the work you do behind the scenes.
Best wishes from a wet North Wales,


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