Cagan Crossings

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By Mark Harvey

Posted on September 22nd, 2010



Cagans Crossing is a wonderful new development recently buily on the US 27. 

This is a wonderful addition to the area, it is within walking distance from our villa on Clear Creek.  (  It is also across from  the New 24 hour Meag Wal Mart and Starbucks!!

 It consists of a variety of interesting shops, bars and restaurants.  There is a fantastic Sports bar "Gators" which serves up delicious meals as well as your usual bar snacks.It has brilliant facilities for children, so they can have their time and not be under your feet whilst you enjoy a little me/us time. 

There is an Italian, Chinese and Indian and for those of you that would prefer a something a little different, a sushi place.

A dream of an ice cream parlour shop "Simka Sweets" where they sell lots of different flavoured ice-cream and deserts also coffee. 

For the ladies there is a Nail Salon, so while your other half is enjoying his free time in the bar watching the football, you can be pampered.  They have some wicked vibrating chairs that you can relax in whilst have your feet soaked, massaged and then if you wish you can have your toe nail treatment to match your lovely manicured hands.  I absolutely love going in there and never once feel guilty because I know that my husband is having an equally wonderful time in the bar, enjoying the football. 

There are other stores, there is a post office, a herb shop, bakery and a lovely antique store which is well worth a look around.  There is talk of a tanning salon and fitness centre to be added in the near future. 

As more shops and restaurants open I think Cagan Crossings will soon become a firm favourite 

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