Driving tips for first time visitors to U.S.A.

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By Christine Creasey

Posted on October 18th, 2005

Below are some driving tips for first time visitors to U.S.A.

1. Always stay on the RIGHT of the road.

2. Safety belts are required for all front passengers, regardless of age. Children 5 years of age and younger MUST be secured in child restraint devices. Children 3 years of age and younger MUST be placed in infant carriers or child car seats. Children aged 4 and 5 MUST be in a safety seat or wear a seat belt in the rear seat of the car.

3. Turn on you headlights at dusk, in fog, or in rain (this is a legal requirement). Be especially careful while driving during or after rainfall. Slippery road conditions could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

4. NO drinking and driving. Always have a designated driver who will remain alcohol free.

5. On approaching a “STOP” sign, your vehicle must come to a complete halt before proceeding. At 4-way STOP signs, the vehicle that arrived at the cross-section first has the right of way first, then the next vehicle and so on.

6. You may turn RIGHT on a red light after you have come to a complete stop, check the coast is clear and that there are no signs posted stating “NO RIGHT” turn on red.

7. STOP! For a stopped school bus. All vehicles are required to stop, whether approaching, turning or following a School Bus when the red lights are flashing and STOP signal is displayed. NEVER overtake a stationary school bus with flashing red lights. Cars travelling towards a school bus are not required to stop if the roadway is separated by an unpaved space of at least 5 ft. or there is a physical barrier.

8. Use a map to plan your route before you venture out. If you miss a turn or exit, proceed to the next corner or exit. Never back up. Always pull completely off the road if you must stop.

9. Always lock your vehicle. Lock valuables in the boot (trunk), glove box or luggage compartment so that they are out of sight.

10. You must carry your driver’s license at all times (this is a legal requirement). You must also carry your car rental and proof of insurance documents with you at all times.

11. If you are stopped by a police officer (who will always be in a marked vehicle), remain in your vehicle and the officer will approach you and advise you of the problem.

12. When going to petrol (gas) stations, you may be required to pay before filling up. Be sure to always use regular unleaded petrol (gas) only.

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Good one. Also state about how to get driving licence and give links for each state/city.

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