Mgm studios

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By david woods

Posted on January 2nd, 2006

Mgm studios

One park that seems to be in the shadow of the much better known Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom is MGM studios. Although this park is smaller in comparison it really does pack a lot in.
As you arrive the first thing you see is a giant figure of Mickey Mouse from the fantasmic show. When you enter the park you have a selection of rides to go to, so starting off with the tower of terror, this is a well established ride that takes you back to the twilight zone, you enter a lift in the creepy hotel and sit down not knowing what to expect, but then just as you settle down you are plummeted up and then down 15 floors until you come to a shuddering halt. This one is not for the faint hearted so you have been warned.
Next we move onto the rock and roll roller coaster. This is one of my favorite rides, you walk through a recording studio and meet the rock band Aero smith in session, Steve Tyler the front man speaks to you and tells you to get onto the ride as they are getting into a limousine. Once you get onto the coaster you are then told to be prepared, immediately after this you are catapulted into darkness at 65mph and took on a journey of twists and turns and loops through aero smith’s world. This ride is worth the admission fee alone.
MGM isn’t just about rides though, it’s also about shows and you have a huge selection to choose from. Lights Motors Action extreme stunt show takes you to the movies with a jaw dropping spectacle of stunts straight from Hollywood, lots of car chases and motorcycle stunts that really are very exciting and dangerous, well worth a visit. Here is a list of other recommended shows to see. Fantasmic, Beauty and the beast, Playhouse Disney and Voyage of the little mermaid.
There are other attractions like Indiana Jones, Star Wars the ride, and Honey I shrunk the kids.
Overall MGM is a really exciting and great park to visit and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
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