Why am I not Getting Emails from Last Minute Villas?

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By Last Minute Villas

Posted on February 13th, 2006

The success of Last Minute Villas has finally caused a major problem for us—we now do so much email business that third-party organizations such as Spamcop are blocking all emails from our server.

While our site only sends directly to our clients or to vacationers specifically asking for quotes, we have fallen victim to the blacklists of at least Spamcop, if not other systems.

If you are a home owner on the site who is not receiving emails from our server, or if you have requested a quote but got no response, you should contact your ISP, host, server administrator or webmaster and specifically ask them to allow emails from lastminutevillas.net and our server IP. Unfortunately, until a large percentage of web administrators request our status on a whitelist, there is no guarantee that we will be able to use our own email anytime soon.

We feel that Spamcop is being totally irresponsible by blocking our legitimate business. Sadly, there is no recourse. Because of the problem, our highly efficient enquiry system is crippled, and our owners are now forced to email all of our site visitors with their own email addresses. Sadly, this forces our server to lose control of the quality of the emails going to visitors—increasing the likelihood that any visitor may receive mail that is spam-like.

We are doing all we can to get off the Spamcop blacklist; we request that all home owners and visitors contact their internet providers and Spamcop directly to ask for us to be unblocked.
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