Webonizer Content Management System

Our Content Management System

Our site is using the Webonizer Content Management System Details about this version follow:

This site may have customized plugins. If you have problems with this site, you may go to our Browser Compatibility page to see if your browser is compatible with the core functions of this site.

CMS basics

This site can publish various forms of media, including text, images, audio, video, and other documents. The site administrator can control what functions are turned on or off, including newsletters, event calendars, guestbooks, images, friends networks and more.

Get your own CMS

You can get your own Webonizer CMS by going to www.webonizer.com. To see other Webonizer sites in action, visit Artistic Network and Shawn Olson Creative Arts.

All use of the Webonizer Content Management System are subject to the Webonizer User Agreement. We also have our own internal Terms & Conditions.

Copyright Notice

Webonizer is Copyright protected. All rights are reserved. You may not decompile or attempt to extract the source code for any reason. You may not use any Webonizer function outside of a licensed, Webonizer-enabled website.

Some installations include licensed copies of third party software solutions. Such software is subject to the copyright preferences of its developers. Software included in this installation follows:

F6 is an XML framework developed by Shawn Olson and Andrew Penry of Master Web Designers. It is a core feature of Webonizer. For more info, contact MWD.
Innova Studio
www.InnovaStudio.com produced the WYSIWYG editor used in licensed copies of Webonizer. Use of the Innova Studio editor is prohibited without a licensed copy of Webonizer or an independent license from www.InnovaStudio.com.
Prototype JavaScript Framework
Prototype is included in the Webonizer Installation.
http://script.aculo.us is a library of cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries that use the Prototype JavaScript framework.