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What do I get when I advertise with Last Minute Villas?
When you advertise your home with us you will get a wide array of services including directory listing, photos, vacationer inquiries and more. You can click here to read more.
How much does it cost to advertise my home(s)?
We offer several services. Please click here for a list of our rates.
How do I add my villa to Last Minute Villas?
Adding your villa (or multiple villas) is simple. But first you must apply for membership this adds your contact information to our database and whilst completeing the information you create a Last Minute Villas Username and Password. You will use this login information every time you need to add a villa, edit your villas, edit villa calendars, or update your contact information.You can add your information by clicking on Join in the navigation bar of every page.
What next after I have become a member?
You can then click add a villa and continue to list your home.
What should I do if I do not have a web site of my own?
Contact Last Minute they will design and maintain your own Web site.
What should I do if my images are too large?
They will not be! Just ensure they are .jpeg images.
Do I apply for membership every time I want to list a new villa?
No. You should only add your contact information to the server once. You should use only one username and password on this site. This allows us to keep all of your villas under a single account.
How do I add a villa?
Once you've applied for membership, you will see new links at the bottom of every page. One of those links is called Add Villa. You must fill out this form every time you want to add a villa to this site. Remember to log in with your username and password if you do not see the link.
I've added a villa to the site, but it does not appear. What is wrong?
Although you may add villas at any time without limit, only those villas that have been paid for will be listed. To pay for your villa, log in with your username and password, click Modify Your Villas at the bottom of every page, and click on the villa which you wish to pay for. Once on the edit form, you must click on the process > > button at the top of the page.
I've paid for my villa, but it's still not listed . Why?
Once you've paid for your villa, we are notified of your order. An administrator will add your villa once it has been approved . As soon as your villa has been listed, you will receive an email from Last Minute Villas notifying you of the approval.