Florida, the real heaven for heat-loving tourists

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By Last Minute Villas

Posted on January 12th, 2007

Florida is the state located in the south-eastern part of the USA and washed by the Atlantic ocean as well as the Mexican bay. Florida is often called “the peninsula state”, as most of its territory is really located on the peninsula, which stretches to the Atlantic like the griddle’s handle. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee that got its name thanks to the Appalachian tribe and means “the old fields”.

The name “La Florida”, which probably means “the land of flowers” was given to the peninsula by the Spanish researcher Juan Ponce de León, who first visited the place in 1513. And it is not surprising that he was so impressed by it, as the wealth of all the colours and shades that adorn Florida are really impressive. Another version is that the researcher decided to name Florida like that because he landed here on the Easter Eve, which means “Pascua Florida” in Spanish.

The official Florida’s nickname is “The Sunshine State” which reflects the importance of climate for local economy – Florida citizens even call it “the main nature resource”. Among the other names you can come across “The Everglade State” and “The Orange State”.

In the east of Florida, on one of its “barrier islands” there is the Cape Canaveral located. Together with the Merritt Island, this island is widely used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Washed by the Mexican Bay, the western part of Florida is all cut up with numerous bays and gulfs. Mangrove swamps, uninhabited islands and kilometers of deserted beaches stretch to the south of the Naples city. A great number of sandy islands of the barrier reef stretch from the Fort Myers to Tarpon Springs.

Hillsborough Bay, with Tampa city located on its coast, might be called one of the state’s most beautiful bays. Thanks to the extensive line of alluvial sandy islands and sandbanks, it is protected from the waters of the Mexican bay, which is famous for its frequent storms.

Florida climate is called one of the most valuable and important “nature resources”. The largest part of the peninsula has the subtropical climate, while the south of Florida boasts its tropical weather. It is the climate that attracts millions of tourists and new citizens here annually. For example, Miami is the real heaven for those who love the heat and evergreen palm trees.

However, most of tourists come to Florida in winter as during this season Florida is one of the warmest places on the North-American continent.

Summer is the hot season in all the parts of Florida. At the same time, summer temperatures in the south of state do not differ much from those in its north, as ocean breeze influences the southern weather much. And though the south of Florida is much closer to the tropics, hot days are not as frequent here as in its north.
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