Deep sea fishing

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By Christine Creasey

Posted on August 26th, 2005

A few years ago, we visited Florida as a family (while we could still persuade the 4 kids to join us!!).
My son is a very keen fisherman and persuaded us all to go deep-sea fishing.
I have to say that this really did not appeal to me at all!
I am not even very keen on eating fish and after my experiences of having to skin and cook the eels he seemed to frequently catch (ugh!!), I took a lot of persuading.

We were staying near Clearwater and decided to go to Hubbard’s Marina at Madeira Beach and just go on one of the half-day trips.

It was an hours sail out to the fishing ground, which was very enjoyable as we did some dolphin spotting on the way.
We were also given our instructions on how to bait the lines (this was particularly revolting!), how to reel the line out and watch for the signs of a bite! And then how to gradually reel in our catch.

At first I was a really squeamish about baiting the line and got my son to do it for me. The bait was provided in bins and was cut up bits of squid and other unmentionable and smelly stuff, but once I got into the swing of it, I was enthusiastically baiting my own line.

The fish we caught (all of us got at least one!) were labelled and strung up for us to keep.

On our return to the marina, we could take our catch to The Friendly Fisherman Restaurant and have it cooked, “with all the fixins’” for $4.95. (We didn’t bother – I prefer a good steak!)

I thoroughly enjoyed our fishing afternoon and would recommend it to anyone!

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