Fantasy of Flight

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By Christine Creasey

Posted on August 19th, 2005

If you are interested in aircraft and aviation, this is a fascinating place to visit. The world's largest privately held vintage aircraft collection.

Fantasy of Flight is an attraction that takes visitors back to Early Flight, World War I, World War II and beyond. Many of the aircraft on display are rare pieces of aviation history.

There are fascinating themed exhibits and displays, moments from aviation's storied past

The founder of Fantasy of Flight, Kermit Weeks, opened his aviation-themed attraction as a natural extension of a lifelong, unbounded enthusiasm for aviation and aircraft. Weeks has been involved in aviation since his childhood and is a skilled aerobatics competitor and aircraft designer.

The fleet of vintage aircraft displayed at Fantasy of Flight features aircraft whose accomplishments have earned the admiration of knowledgeable aviators and inspired the imagination of those who have always dreamed of soaring above the clouds. The vintage aircraft represents all eras of aviation from early flight to the 1950s.

Some aircraft have been carefully restored to represent the same dignity they possessed when they ruled the skies. Others, shown in the immersion experiences, look exactly the same as when they were acquired.

Hot air balloon rides

This amazing experience lasts approximately 3 hours, including an hour in flight. Passengers must be a minimum of 40" tall to fly. The hot air balloon can accommodate one to four passengers at a time.
Advance reservations must be made for this experience.

Located midway between Tampa and Orlando in Polk City, Florida.

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